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Prof David Goodall Exit International Press Conference Basel CH – Wed 3pm

Exit International will be holding a press conference with Professor David Goodall & Exit Founder/ Director Dr Philip Nitschke as follows:

3pm, Wednesday 9 May 2018

Hotel Spalentor, Schönbeinstrasse 140, 4056 Basel Switzerland

This conference will be Professor Goodall’s first and last conference before his final Exit appointment with Life Circle/ Eternal Spirit Foundation on Thursday, 10 May 2018.

At 104 years of age, Professor David Goodall is Exit International’s oldest Member.

While Professor Goodall is not ‘sick’, his eyesight and hearing are both failing him. This has made his quality of life unacceptable to him.

Professor Goodall is a strong supporter of rational suicide, meaning a rational adult in their later years must have the basic human right to decide the time and manner of their death.

This is not a medical decision, rather a fundamental human right.

David’s choice to die at Life Circle in Switzerland followed a failed suicide attempt at his home in Perth Australia earlier in the year.

As assisted suicide is illegal in Australia, David’s only lawful choice was to travel to the other side of the world to seek assistance.

Exit commends and is grateful to Life Circle for their cooperation in fast-tracking David for his final appointment.

Inquiries: Dr Fiona Stewart

+1  (248)  243 – 7502


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